Here Are The Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows That Would Perfectly Work In 2018


If you are the type that has been looking for torrent alternative site for the longest, there are a couple of them that are still operational in 2018 and would be the best place to download some of your favorite TV shows anytime. The best torrent is always the one that has the quality that a person is looking for, which can sometimes take time before a person gets the given show. An individual needs to know which are some of these torrent sites, and check them out often to find out the latest TV shows that they have.

Pirate Bay

It is one of those sites that is used by many users because of its convenience and the fact that an individual can download torrent files comfortably. The pirate bay site has been around for the longest, approximately 15 years and is used by many people who are in need of the best and quality TV shows. People have a chance of finding a lot of torrents that will satisfy your curiosity.


It is a site that probably has the most users, and people have a chance of getting all the latest TV shows anytime. It is a group that releases their content to potential users, such that a person cannot find it anywhere else, thus making it a better kickasstorrent alternative site. There are updates done on a regular basis making sure that their clients never lack.


It is one of the best websites that everyone cannot stop talking about, considering that it has pretty much everything that the person would be looking for always. The site is known to have over three million verified torrents and has become people’s favorite since kickasstorrent disappeared. All a person needs to do is create an account and start enjoying all the tv torrent list shows available.

As a person looks for an alternative, it is essential to be aware of your safety because nobody wants to have their machine infected with viruses or malware; therefore, installing a reliable antivirus should be in your plan. Again, always double check the site before downloading content from it to know the policies set, and have an ad blocker on your machine if one does not want to keep on dealing with the popping links and advertisements. Be sure to try looking up various sites that to see what would serve as a better place for downloading TV shows. Learn more about kickass torrent alternative here!

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